Introducing the 2023 Scholarship Award Recipients!

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Ainsley McNamara

Ainsley is a hard working student whose 4.57 GPA is the result of diligent effort, numerous honors and advanced placement classes. She is ranked 6th out of nearly 600 students in her class at Rockford Public High School.

Besides immersing herself in the Spanish immersion program, she has also participated in various clubs including Women’s Awareness and Empowerment Club, NHS, Student Council and Peer Listeners– all while working at her parents restaurant since she was 15 years old!

She plans to attend the University of Michigan, utilizing her skills and knowledge to study mental health in order to contribute to society.

We are grateful to support Ainsley in her journey ahead by granting her one of the four scholarships!

Maiga Nafiu

Maiga was born in the African nation of Ghana. Early in his adolescence his mother passed away which left him homeless in the streets of Ghana. He met someone offering to help him journey to the U.S., but during this journey, he ended up in the jungle of Panama, S.A. Eventually, he saved enough money to make it to the US/Mexico border where he swam the Rio Grande.

Nafiu said he had a choice of going to California or Michigan, and he chose Michigan where he was granted asylum. He was then able to attend Grandville High school in 2021 with zero high school records–thanks to the help of Bethany Christian Services.

Nothing could stop him from being able to catch up and surpass other students. Some courses he blazed through and others he tested out of, so that by 2023 he was considered a senior and graduated high school. He has been awarded a grant and will be attending GVSU–using his own experience to help the people around him.

His counselor has said that, “the amount of brutality and loss he has witnessed in his young life at this point is more than most will endure in an entire lifetime.”

We are grateful to be able to help him on his journey by granting him one of the four scholarships!

David Ebosele

David will be a graduate of West Michigan Aviation Academy this year with a weighted GPA of 4.3979.

David’s family moved from Nigeria in 2005 and David himself was born shortly thereafter as an American Citizen. Although he was horribly bullied at a young age and faced various forms of racism, he has risen through this opposition and fought to be where he is today.

David was the Class President for two years, an ambassador and leader of the flight crew, started his own business in high school, played soccer and was captain of the basketball team. He has also volunteered for school and church fundraisers.

He plans to attend University of Michigan or Purdue studying Civil Engineering and Business Management.

We are grateful to support David on his journey forth by granting him one of the four scholarships!

Jack Ellis

Jack graduated from Allegan high school with a 4.0 GPA plus 15 AP classes (equalling 4.4 cumulative). Besides being the senior class treasurer, he has been involved in many community volunteer and high school organizations such as French Club, the Health Advisory Committee, Science Olympiad and was even the Secretary of the NHS.

Jack also played football, basketball, track and field, coached youth sports, and is proud to be a certified election worker.

Jack cannot imagine living anywhere else than Michigan and plans to attend either Michigan State University or University of Michigan and pursue Civil Engineering to give back to his community.

We are grateful to be able to support Jack on his journey ahead by granting him one of the four scholarships!

About The University Club of Grand Rapids Scholarship Foundation

The 1933 valedictorian of Central High School couldn’t afford college until his mother pawned her engagement ring.  Following two years at Grand Rapids Junior College (now Grand Rapids Community College), funding for additional college again became a challenge.  A local foundation stepped in and he was able to continue his education at the University of Michigan.  That student, Harry D. Marshall, chose to return to West Michigan.  The former University Club member is remembered not only for his contributions to the economic growth and strength of West Michigan, but also his philanthropy that helped countless others through his involvement with the Employers Association, Mutual Home (currently PNC), Red Cross, United Way, Community Chest and many other organizations.

As part of the University Club of Grand Rapids’ effort to give back to the West Michigan community, the Club has created a Scholarship Foundation.  It will develop business mentoring opportunities for candidates and for businesses to foster highly motivated and potentially successful young adults.  It is the goal of the Scholarship Foundation to assist student whom exude a strong desire to build, support and serve the West Michigan Community upon completion of their studies.
Today, these students are:
– Contributing to their communities
– Applying themselves educationally and through extra-curricular activities
– Gaining respect from their peers, teachers and coaches

These are the students that the University Club of Grand Rapids Scholarship Program would like to help. We may not be able to lift their burdens, but we’d like the opportunity to lighten them.

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Please make donations payable to: University Club of Grand Rapids Scholarship Foundation. For your convenience, we can also add a specific amount to your monthly statement.

The University Club Scholarship Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and gifts are deductible for federal income tax purposes.  If you know anyone else who would like to join you in your generosity, please contact the University Club’s office at 616-456-8623.


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