UC of Orlando | FL

About Us

The University Club is a unique social destination for Orlando’s business, creative, and community leaders.  It is where we come for camaraderie, to exercise and play sports, to relax over dinner and drinks with old and new friends, and to talk about what’s next for Central Florida.  It is, quite simply, our home away from home.

The University Club is much more than just another private club.  Our members are bound together in our shared commitment for a better Orlando.  Since its founding in 1926, The University Club has donated over $1.5 million in scholarship funds to colleges and universities in Central Florida.

The University Club has grown up with Orlando and will continue to grow with Orlando.  With that in mind, The University Club looks to the future and is constructing a new clubhouse in downtown Orlando with world-class dining, meeting, and athletic facilities.  Make no mistake, The University Club has been, and will always be, the premier civic gathering place in downtown Orlando.

 Stay tuned, we are eager to show you how our plans progress.