Mountain Oyster Club | AZ

About Us

The Mountain Oyster Club prides itself in holding true to its rich heritage. Many of the original “Los Viejos” are no longer with us, but the M. O. Club has attracted a colorful array of westerners that hold true to the club’s traditions. You will still find the custom woven carpet, good ‘ol boys in the bar willing to share a story or two, and your right to wear your blue jeans and park your pickup or stock truck in the lot as well as the motto “cerveza y huevos para todos.” Changing times are even dealt with by applying the swift old western style of justice, as those who have allowed their cell phones to ring have found out, when they picked up the tab for a round of drinks. Also unchanged, is a collection of fine western art, southwestern hospitality, fine wines and spirits, and an enticing menu that includes fine cuts of beef prepared to satisfy the palates of those that know a thing or two about whence it came and how good it can be when it is prepared correctly.