“I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful everything was and how many favorable comments we had about being the best reception EVER!  Many people commented on the room with the exceptional view.  Some even saw the fireworks display at Fifth Third Park! … There were comments on the wonderful food, cake and room decorations … Your service was impeccable and everyone appreciated it.  We didn’t have to stress about anything.  Erin and Tom said it was the wedding they always wanted with our special families and friends.  It made for a lifetime of wonderful memories … Once again, we can’t thank you enough for making this the perfect and most happy wedding it was!” -Susan, Mother of Bride

“I don’t even know where to start with the University Club.  Their service was top of the line; they were on top of keeping our guests satisfied all night long.  We had 220 guests, with the thought we might have up to 300.  Parking is free at the University Club, and it overlooks Calder Plaza downtown GR, which is GORGEOUS!  The venue felt very “homey” and was absolutely perfect.  The event coordinator, Katie, was so incredibly helpful in the planning process, and did a great job keeping everything organized the day of.  She was excellent at communicating with me and responding to emails, which was so nice!  People told us the food at our reception was the best they’d ever had at a wedding!  It was nice to know that our guests were taken care of, and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.  That is worth more than money could ever buy! Several of their employees came up to me throughout the night and asked me if I needed anything else; one even came to find me later in the night to ask if I wanted another drink.  I was treated like royalty, and I know all the other guests were too.  The University Club isn’t a really “popular” venue in Grand Rapids, but I cannot figure out why.  The prices were very reasonable, and the free parking was something we didn’t find anywhere else downtown.  I will forever recommend University Club as a wedding venue to anyone and everyone!” – Jessica, Bride

“I cannot say enough great comments about my experience with the University Club.  Every little request I made to make my day special was accommodated and the staff is top notch.  I was really impressed with their responsiveness during the whole planning process and patience with a high maintenance bride.  Additionally, on the day of, the food was excellent, room looked great, and they really stayed on top of all of my requests and kept the party going great without letting it get out of control.  I had a couple of rowdy guests that they handled with class and professionalism.  All in all, I would recommend the University Club as an excellent venue for a wedding.” – Sarah, Bride

“I cannot say enough great things about the University Club!  My reception was perfect and I owe it to Katie and the rest of the staff at the University Club.  I loved the view and the food was great!!  The best part of our reception was watching the fireworks go off while my husband and I were dancing (fireworks were from a baseball game and we could see them clearly from the University Club).  The whole night was perfect.  Katie took care of all the major details.” – Tara, Bride

“We loved using the University Club for our reception.  They were very helpful in setting things up and working with what we wanted to do and our budget.  The day of went VERY smoothly and I have heard great things from our guests about the University Club…. and you can’t beat the view!” – Courtney, Bride

“The University Club was the perfect place for my reception.  Not only does it have unmatched views of downtown Grand Rapids, the staff and their service was beyond belief.  I had guests tell me they were treated like royalty and had the best service they’d ever had at a wedding!  The pricing for a downtown venue was amazing…. no room rental charge, free parking for all guests, no set up fees or teardown fees.  And we basically got a wedding coordinator for free.  We didn’t have to do a single thing at the reception, they did everything!  They can hold up to 300 people and we had 215 but it still filled up the room.  They seem to be able to make whatever size group work!” – Kate, Bride