Perks of Membership

  • Invitations to private club events: wine tastings, holiday brunches, cooking classes and more.
  • Entry to our private bar and restaurant with a tempting menu of contemporary cuisine.
    • Great for a night out on the town or prior to a Broadway or Symphony Show
    • Quiet location for a client meeting
  • Reciprocal privileges with over 150 private clubs around the world.
  • 24/7 access to our athletic facility and all group classes.
  • Ideal location for meetings and events.
    • No room rental fees
    • Professional staff who assist in the design of the event
    • Panoramic views to keep attendees inspired and refreshed
    • Convenient location to many downtown businesses
    • Easy highway access
  • “Dinner and a Show” Package with Broadway Grand Rapids
  • Membership includes your spouse and children under the age of 18.
  • Memberships are month-to-month; no long-term commitment required.
  • Zero initiation fees!

Membership Requirements

Prospective members of the University Club require sponsorship by two current members.  Individuals desiring membership must complete a written application.  The application is then submitted to the Board of Directors with the recommendation of the Membership Committee.  You can find an electronic application at the bottom of this page.

Recommended new members are notified of their acceptance to the University Club/Press Club through the office of the Club Manager on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Membership Resignation
Resigning members must inform the Club 30 days before the effective date of resignation.

Membership Dues

 Social Membership
 (Dining Only)
Initiation Fee    Monthly Dues
 Standard  $250  $0 $40 + $480 annual food & beverage minimum
 Full Membership
 (Dining & Athletic)  
Initiation Fee    Monthly Dues 
 Under 30 years  $250  $0 $50 + $240 annual food & beverage minimum
  31-35 years  $250  $0 $75 + $300 annual food & beverage minimum
  36-40 years  $250  $0 $100 + $480 annual food & beverage minimum
  41+ years  $250  $0 $115 + $480 annual food & beverage minimum
 Non-Resident  Membership** Initiation Fee    Quarterly Dues
 Social Membership  $250  $0     $70
 Full Membership  $250  $0     $140
**Member must reside and work outside a 25-mile radius of the club.

We are currently waiving the initiation fee, so apply now and save $250!

Corporate Incentives

If a Corporation, University or Organization has ten or more members at the Club, each of their food & beverage minimums will be waived!

New Member Incentives

In an effort to grow our Membership, Current Members can receive monthly due credits for recruiting New Members. If a Current Member recruits a New Member, he or she will receive a credit on his or her Club account that is equivalent to the first month’s dues of that New Member.

For example:
–  If Member recruits a 50 year old Full Member, he or she will receive a $115 credit.
–  If Member recruits a Social Member, he or she will receive a $40 credit.
–  If Member recruits a 32 year old Full Member, he or she will receive a $75 credit.

Current Members can take advantage of these discounts by getting a friend, co-worker or family member to join the Club – it’s that easy!  Spread the word!  Contact the Club with questions.

Membership Forms

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