Organized to promote the ethics and prestige of journalism and related arts, to promote professional development among student and working journalists, and the civic good, the Press Club serves as a meeting place and refuge for those who are involved in journalism or who come in to contact with the profession.  The Press Club dates to 1953.  It was located in various spots around Grand Rapids including the Welch Civic Auditorium, Federal Square Grill, the French Room of the G & J Grill, the Inn on Cherry, the basement of the Frey Building, the top of the Union Bank/NBD Building, and a restaurant across from the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel.  Every year the Press Club provided scholarship funds for students, professional development programs and journalism awards. Among its most popular regular programs was “No Notes, No Quotes,” which offered
off-the-record time for journalists and news makers.

It was relocated in 2004 after finding a permanent dining and meeting facility in an agreement with the University Club of Grand Rapids.  Press Club membership extends to journalists across the country, who often are in Grand Rapids on business.


The Press Club of Grand Rapids was established to provide a forum for the intelligent exchange of free expression between news makers and journalists in an atmosphere of impartiality, professionalism, and camaraderie. Membership in the Club is open to those professionals in the industry who accept these standards.  The Press Club of Grand Rapids offers a venue for regional, state, and national press conferences.  The Press Club Lounge features a big screen television, computer access and wireless internet with a relaxed dress code.  The Lounge is available for breakfast, lunch, dinner or meetings.  All of the University Club dining facilities, including the main, fireside, lounge and meeting rooms are completely accessible to Press Club members.  Ultimately, Press Club members enjoy the same privileges as members of the University Club.  Please contact the University Club for further membership details.

Press Club Membership Application

Hold Your Next Press Conference at the Press Club!

Do you have an announcement for the news media but don’t know how to present it?  The Press Club of Grand Rapids is the solution.  It’s centrally located, easy to access, and is properly equipped to present a professional press conference that meets all print and broadcast specifications. AND – the Press Club is the ideal location to conduct client interviews, off-site meetings, or grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat when you’re “between meetings”.  Not hungry?  The lounges are staffed and available for beverage service and open wi-fi from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday – Friday.